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The one where she checks on her progress

2014 July 13
by mrs. ronso

Now that we are on the downswing of 2014 — time flies when you are having fun? — I wanted to do a progress check on my goals for 2014.  I think I had a good list this year and I have tried hard to keep plugging away.  So here is where I stand:

Goal #1 — Make 12 new recipes.  Status — 4/12.

So far, I have made Cheesy Chicken over Rice, Personal Pizzas, Steamed Clams, and Peanut Butter S’more bars.  Only blogged two of the four but I will try to remember and post when I make new recipes.  So  far, the Steamed Clams when for best dinner, Personal Pizzas for best easy, LM approved dinner, and S’more bars, for simply being delish!  I still find lots of potential recipes during my hours pinteresting.


Goal #2 — Track our spending.  Status — need a new plan.

I started the year using Goodbudget to track our spending.  It is the time-tested “envelope” system except in digital form.  We live for the cash back/travel rewards from our credit cards so a cash tracking system doesn’t work well for us.  Goodbudget works pretty well, but I find that I often get behind in entering purchases and then have to play catch up to reconcile everything at the end of the month.  So, lately this system feels more like I am working for it rather than the other way around.  I am trying to come up with another system, or maybe just different “envelopes.”  For the most part, our expenses are fixed so perhaps just tracking the truly disposable income will be simpler for me.  Not sure where to go from here but will need to work on it since tracking our spending is muy importante these days!

Goal #3 — Get rid of 2,014 things. Status — 24% or 488 items

So, I am a little behind on this one.  But, I am still confident that I can finish  the year without 2,014 of the items that I started with!  I am not even attempting to actually have 2,014 fewer items total — there is stuff coming in — but I am trying hard to limit new things and get rid of 2,104 things I already owned but no longer need/want.  I have been most successful at passing along my maternity wardrobe to other prospective mothers and breaking down the abundance of cardboard boxes that seem to be lurking in all corners of my house.  Sadly, I had to dump my entire stash of frozen breastmilk (long story) and added those 39 bottles of liquid gold to the list to help ease the pain of having it go down the drain.  I still have the entire playroom, garage, and many closets/cupboards to sort through so there are plenty more things in my house that can find a new home!

Goal #4 — Getaway with my husband.  Status — not yet!

Connor’s dislike of the bottle combined with the loss of my entire freezer stash is making this goal very difficult.  I am still hopeful that we can make this happen before the end of the year.  He is sleeping better at night now but still not eating enough other foods to feel comfortable leaving him for extended periods of time.  We did have a successful dinner date at the end of May for my birthday so we at least have a start.  We might have to redefine “getaway” to mean somewhere we can go and come back in a three hour time frame…


Goal #5 — Read a book.  Status — COMPLETE!

I have totally kicked this goal’s butt!  We have started going to the library on a regular basis and I am doing pretty well at trying to read a little bit before bed each night.  I have actually read SIX books so far this year:  Help Thanks Wow by Anne Lamott, Happier at Home by Gretchen Rubin, Dinner, A Love Story by Jenny Rosenstrach, MWF Seeking BFF by Rachel Bertsche, Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter, and Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling.  I am keeping track on and have a long list of books on my “to-read” shelf.  As expected, I  l-o-v-e-d Happier at Home.  I fell in love with Jenny Rosenstrach and can’t believe I waited so long to read her book after my dear friend Christy assured me it was the perfect book for me.  Beautiful Ruins was the first fiction book I have read in awhile and it was so good!  The perfect read for our vacation at the beach.  Looking forward to many more good books this year!

I am pretty happy with my status so far this year.  I am proud of myself for making goals, and sticking with them!  I clearly have some time in the kitchen and in the many messy places of my house ahead of me for the remainder of the year.  Tracking our spending is a work in progress but so far we are about where we thought we would be at this point in my time at home.  Now lets cross our fingers for a cooperative baby so we can sneak in some “grown ups only” time before the end of the year.  Vegas anyone?

Connor: Eight Months Old

2014 July 7
by mrs. ronso


Dear Connor,

You are 8 months old today. You are becoming so much more interactive and it is so fun! You are an expert clapper now and are so proud when you clap to yourself.  Your binky is your favorite “thing” and you like to put it in by yourself — you don’t even care which direction!

You are *thisclose* to crawling.  In the mean time, you have devised an army crawl work around that uses your right leg to push you slowly along.  It isn’t fast, or pretty, but you can now get where you want to go.  If I look away for even one minute you have already scooted somewhere else.  Your favorite things to reach for are Mommy’s phone and Grandpa’s watch.  Things are certainly going to be busy when you really start to move!  In addition you are a rolling machine, figured out how to push up to sitting on your own, and even pulled yourself to a standing position in your crib.


You are a big boy.  I think you weigh about 22 pounds and are wearing a combo of 9 and 12 month clothes.  You still have big brown eyes and light brown hair that sticks up all over.  Still no teeth yet — where are they? — but lots of drooling and biting at things.  Oh well, your little gummy smile is just the cutest.  You have the biggest rollie-pollie thighs I ever did see and use your strong legs to stand up as often as we will hold you.  We moved you into a big boy car seat this month because you were already getting too big for your infant one.


Having no teeth means that you are still on a puree and milk diet.  This month you tried sweet potatoes and corn, mixed vegetables, pears and pineapple, peaches, and apples.  You like fruit purees the best but eat the veggies too.  You are still nursing every two or three hours and often closer together in the evening.  You are not a fan of taking a bottle and will only eat an ounce or so.  You also don’t sleep  through the night on the days you have had a bottle so…we are mostly getting it straight from the source these days.  Hopefully we can start working bottles back into the routine soon.  I love you bunches, but sometimes it is nice for us to have a little break from each other.


Thankfully you are still sleeping through the night for the most part.  You like to stay up until 10:30 or 11 but then you at least sleep through until 7:30ish the next morning.  We will work on an earlier bedtime, but at this point we appreciate the consecutive hours of sleep so we will take it!  I can usually get one good nap (90 minutes or more) out of you each day and maybe a few cat naps after eating.  You don’t seem to have a preferred nap time though so each day is a little different.  Just like your sister did, you often take naps in the bathroom with the fan on.  Mommy hops in the shower, turns on the fan and just like that, you are asleep!  Works *almost* every time!  Even though we put you to sleep on your back, you usually flip over to your stomach at some point.  You are also a fan of the “buns in the air” sleeping position.  So cute!


This month you celebrated Father’s Day.  Went to your first Mariner’s game and your first Tacoma Rainier’s game.  We celebrated your (middle) Nameday.  Daddy wouldn’t let me give you a scandinavian name, so we celebrated both of you on the Swedish nameday for “David” which is June 25th.  We spent the weekend at Camano Island for the Fourth of July.  The fireworks didn’t seem to bother you as long as we were inside, but you certainly didn’t want to go to sleep until they were done for the evening.


IMG_6043 - Version 2


Little Missy finished school for the year so we are all together during the week.  You continue to laugh at almost everything she does.  You happily accompany us to swimming lessons, soccer games and where ever else life takes us.  Keeping up with both of you is quite the challenge for me and I have had some hard days this month.  But, by the grace of God — and a little help from our friends at PBS Kids — we make it through the day.  Thank goodness for Daddy!  Exciting for everyone when he comes home from work.


Keep on growing little man!  Each time you learn a new trick I am so proud. Watching you grow makes all of us happy.  We love you so much Connor David!

Happy Eighth Month Birthday Connor!




It was a good day.

2014 June 12
by mrs. ronso

This post is from May 15, 2014.  I am not sure why I didn’t publish it, but I found it in drafts and I am publishing it now.  Between then and now there have been some HARD days.  Days with tears.  Days with yelling.  Days with mommy guilt.  So, it is nice to remember that each day I get the chance to start over.  A chance be more patient and loving, and the chance to make it a great day.   Because days like this one I wrote about below — they are magic.


Today was a good day.  I think when people think about being a SAHM, these are the types of days they dream of.  Most days are not like this.  Not even close.  So, I am going to write it down so that next time I have one of the very hard days, the ones where every thing goes wrong, and nothing gets accomplished, and there is a lot of yelling — I can look back and remember that good days happen.  And they are magical.

Today I got to go back to sleep after the morning feeding and Kyle handled the morning routine.

Today the baby took a nap in his crib.

Today a friend came over and we all went for a walk around the neighborhood.

Today the sun was shining bright.

Today she ate lunch and took a nap without a fuss.

Today the baby played quietly on the blanket with his toys and practiced kicking.

Today I got to eat my lunch in peace, while sitting down.

Today I got to take a shower, do my hair, and put on makeup.

Today I got to go to an event at PLU all alone to catch up with friends and celebrate a retirement.

Today I got to watch her play soccer and have fun kicking the ball.

Today I got to tuck her into bed and read her a story.

Today I nursed him to sleep and put him in his crib on the first try.

Today we cleaned up a mess in the house.

Today we spent some time in the evening together.

I feel blessed, and loved, and rejuvenated.  I got to be outside enjoying the sunshine.  I got to socialize with friends and enjoy the company of my children and husband.  I got to relax and I got some things accomplished.  Today was a good day.

Connor: Seven Months Old

2014 June 7
by mrs. ronso


Dear Connor,

This month was an explosion of big milestones and it was so much fun to watch!  There are still hard days, but you really turned a corner this month with sleep and we are finding our rhythm.  Being your mommy is a privilege and a joy but it is also hard work.

You are officially on the move.  You are a super steady sitter and can hold your balance quite well as you r-e-a-c-h for things.  You are officially on the move and have mastered rolling.  I put you down and when I look back a few minutes later, you are completely off the blanket and headed elsewhere.  You aren’t really in control of *where* you are moving just yet  — and this causes great frustration on your part — but I am sure you will figure that out soon.  We definitely need to start baby-proofing.  You have already decided that your sister’s toys look interesting and often roll in that general direction.  However, crayons, and barbie shoes, and beads — oh my!  We have some work to do to keep you safe little man!


Your newfound ability to move makes you seem more like a little person rather than a baby.  My heart is a little heavy of the thought of my baby growing up so fast, but my mama pride at your new skills more that outshines the bittersweet moments.  You have also started clapping which is just the cutest thing ever.  You can’t clap on command yet, but you do it often and it makes you (and us!) so happy and proud.  You literally light up at the sight of your sister and often whip your head around on that chubby little neck of yours to keep her in your sights.  She loves to play peek-a-boo with you by popping up from behind the couch and it makes you shriek with laughter.  She loves you so much and is enjoying your ability to interact with us more.


You love taking a bath and splash-splash-splash the whole time.  Maybe this means you will be our water baby.  You have just started liking to hold books and will sit fairly still and listen if we read to you.  The things you like the most are your binky, your giraffe toy, and the little people boy and dog.  You can successfully reach for and put your binky back in all by yourself and you don’t seem to care if it goes in upside down or sideways either.  Your sister can always get you to laugh and in general you are a smily, happy boy.  You have started “talking” more and can be quite loud if you want to be.  You like to jump in the jumperoo and usually start jumping if people hold you in a standing position in their laps too.  You also lay on the ground and just wiggle your whole body furiously — it is super cute!  Thankfully you still have some cuddly moments too and you will sometimes nestle your little head into my neck and lie very still as I rub your back.  I love those moments.


This month also meant that you got to start eating real food.  You have been eyeing us at meal times for awhile now so you were quite thrilled when we actually let you eat something!  So far you have tried sweet potatoes, rice cereal, pears, squash, green beans, avocado, a mum-mum, and sweet potatoes/corn.  You pretty much like everything but you definitely made a yuck face at the green beans.  I think you are going to like feeding yourself more than eating purees off a spoon so I think food is going to get a lot better here really soon.  Not that you need it though — you are quite a chunk!  I think you are up to 21 pounds and are wearing 9 and 12 month clothes.  Your chubby little neck never sees the light of day and so you have a little rash that I can’t seem to make go away.  Your eyes are a deep brown and your hair, while still thin, is growing in and looks like it will be a blond/light brown color.  No teeth yet so I still get to enjoy that gummy smile of yours for a little bit longer.  You have had some fussy days though so I am guessing your first tooth will come soon.


Another big milestone this month has been sleep.  You are FINALLY sleeping through the night on a consistent basis and that, my dear is a WONDERFUL thing.  Mommy and Daddy are so much happier when we have had a full night’s sleep.  You still wake up occasionally if your binky is lost in the bed but for the most part you are sleeping through until morning.  “Morning” ranges from 5:30 to 8:00 am.  5:30 is way to0 early, but usually you will eat and then go back to sleep for a bit.  Good boy!  Better sleeping has meant that we are starting to fall into a routine for day time too.  You usually take one good 60 to 90 minute nap during the day and few shorter catnaps after nursing.  You usually nurse about 7 or 8 times per day and then eat a little food at dinnertime.  The evening is still your fussiest time and you get pretty cranky if you aren’t fed and asleep around 9 pm.  During the night you sleep in your crib.  For naps, it is about 1/3 in my arms, 1/3 in your crib, and 1/3 in the bouncy chair with the fan on in the bathroom.  I try hard not to let you sleep on me too much, but I can’t resist those baby snuggles all of the time!

IMG_5844 - Version 2

We took another trip to Spokane this month and you did a great job in the car.  Once again, you were a bright spot during a sad visit as we were all missing your dear Nana Corinne.  We are so glad that she got to meet you in person at Christmas and she was so proud to be a Great Grandma.  It was good to see Nana, Papa, Kevin, Meredith, Boppie, and Nana Gene while we were there.  You also got to start riding in the shopping cart and think it is great fun.  We took family pictures.  We went to the Survivor Finale party at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  We watched sister play soccer – Go Linnea!  You helped me celebrate Mother’s Day and my birthday this month.  Mommy and Daddy even got to go out on a dinner date while you stayed with Grandma and Grandpa!

IMG_5660 - Version 2


I am trying hard to be a good mommy to you, and your sister, and for the most part I think I am doing a good job.  But I know there are times when my patience is short and I get very frustrated and overwhelmed.  I hope you know that in those times, especially in those times, I still love you with my whole heart.  I want the very best for you and pray that you will grow big and strong and smart and kind.  We love you so much Connor and we feel so blessed that you are part of our family.

Happy Seven Month Birthday Connor David!



Connor: Six Months Old

2014 May 7
by mrs. ronso


Dear Connor

Oh my!  It can’t already be your half birthday?  I guess it is only fitting that the days are flying by since you came into the world in such a hurry.  Slow down my sweet boy!  You are my last baby (knocking on all the wood) and I want to soak in all the baby sweetness that I can.  There is nothing better than snuggling you while you nap.  It is one of my very favorites.  I hope you still want to cuddle me for a long time.

IMG_5332 - Version 2

Just like last month, things have been very busy.  There has finally been a bit of sunshine and we have taken some walks and gone to the park.  We went to watch your sister march in the Jr. Daffodil Parade with her school.  You characteristically had a giant poop and then slept.   But you were ever so cute!


You officially became a child of God on Palm Sunday, April 13th.  Christy and Carl Field were your sponsors and you were baptized at Peace Lutheran Church by Pastor Linda Nou.  Pastor Linda married your Daddy and I so that was a nice special touch.  Grandma and Grandpa, Great Grandpa Norman, Great Grandma Phyllis, and Great Aunt Karen all helped celebrate your baptism.  The following Sunday was your first Easter and you looked ever so cute in your seersucker suit!

IMG_5250 - Version 2

There is a bit more hair sprouting on your head, although still very sparse.  Your eyes are still a lovely shade of brown and we can’t really tell who you look like.  There is a lot of Mommy in you but a few glimpses of Daddy this time too. You are in size 3 diapers and mostly all 9 month clothes!  At baby group yesterday you weighed 18 lbs and 15 oz — such a big, sturdy boy!  Mommy is getting strong from lifting you all day.  You are still nursing about every 2 hours during the day and things are going well.  You don’t really like to nurse when we go out and about, but thankfully you usually just wait until we are home to eat again without too much fussing.


Sleep and routine still seem to escape you.  Things were going okay and you were going to bed around 10:30 ish, waking up to eat around 3 or 4, and then sleeping again until 7 or so.  But something happened and now you are up frequently just to fuss, and eating one, two or even three (agh!) times per night.  This is not a good development but we hope it means you are teething and you will go back to sleeping in longer chunks once that pesky tooth finally pokes through.  Please!  Along those same lines, you don’t really have a routine.  Each day is a little different and you don’t seem to have a preferred nap time, eating times or anything.  You aren’t particularly fussy about it, but I would really appreciate if we could find some sort of rhythm.  Maybe soon.  And, it helps that you are super cute!


Developmentally, you are chugging right along.  You started sitting up by yourself this month!  Still rather wobbly so we surround you with pillows but you are doing it.  You can also move things from one hand to another, reach out to grab something or pick up a toy, and pick up your binky and put it in your mouth.  What a smart boy!  You love to watch your sister and she can always get you to laugh and smile.  You are always on the lookout for her and smile whenever you finally see her.


We ended the month with a trip to the happiest place on earth — Disneyland!  Despite temps in the high 90s, you were a trooper and were a great traveller.  You were quiet on the plane, happily switched between the ergo and your stroller, loved watching all the excitement and even went on a few rides!  Dumbo and Peter Pan were two that you “enjoyed.”  I promise we will go back again when you are old enough to enjoy it for yourself.  On this trip you also went on your first swim in the pool, and saw the pacific ocean.

IMG_5447 - Version 2


You are *almost* perfect (points marked off for sleeping issues!) and we are so blessed to have you in our family.  These next 6 months are going to go by so fast and I am so excited to watch you grow and change before our eyes.  We love you!

Happy Six Month Birthday Connor David!



Connor: Five Months Old

2014 April 7
by mrs. ronso


Dear Connor,

5 months old!  I know I say this every month but, you are growing so fast — I blink and it is time to take your picture in the blue chair again.  It is bittersweet as I want to you to stay my baby, but I feel so much pride each time you reach a new milestone.  I think it is a perpetual parenting dilemma.

You met several good milestones this month.  You rolled over from front to back!  It isn’t your favorite thing to do but you did do it so that counts.  You learned how to pull your sister’s hair — that is a fun one!  You watched your first Sounder’s game with Daddy on TV.  You also had your first picnic in the yard — it was a little cold but it was sunny and we were determined to soak it in!


You slept in your crib for the first time.  Sleeping through the night isn’t your favorite thing (a four am meal seems to be your thing) but you did sleep all the way through a few times.  Sometimes you really struggle to fall asleep and we have to take you in the bathroom and stand there in the dark with the fan on and sway with you for a bit.  Daddy is especially good at this.

You went on your first airplane ride!  Mommy and you made a quick trip to Alaska for some family stuff.  It wasn’t the happiest of reasons, but it was nice to be together and you certainly helped cheer people up.  There was over two feet of snow!  Grandpa, Grandma, and Uncle Alex were there too so traveling with you “alone” was fine.  You were a trooper!



You are starting to reach for toys and take great interest in your sister.  You are always watching her and save the biggest smiles for her.  She even took us on a “Frozen” sleigh-ride using her vivid imagination.  Oh sister!  For the most part you are a happy baby and we love hearing you make noise and coo at us.


Growing isn’t a problem for you!  You weighed 17 lbs 7 oz at baby group and the 6 month clothes are starting to get snug.  You are still pretty bald but *maybe* some hair is starting to grow… You have handsome brown eyes and a little bit of a dimple.  You are quite the chunk and Mommy’s arms are tired by night time.  Still no tooth yet!  But lots of chewing on things and so. much. drool.

IMG_5015 - Version 2

Even though breastfeeding is going well, I thought it might be nice for you to take a bottle now and then.  But you absolutely refused!  Poor Daddy struggled to get you to take even a sip.  After lots of frustration we discovered that the frozen milk had all gone bad (!) but you will happily take a bottle of freshly pumped milk.  Problem solved!  Mommy is quite sad about all the wasted milk but at least we figured out the problem.  Hopefully soon you will be ready to have a slumber party at Grandma and Grandpa’s so Mommy and Daddy can have a date night!

IMG_5086 - Version 2

There have been some long days this month but you are just the cutest thing so it is hard to be upset for long.  I am so thankful that I get to stay home and take care of you.  We love you so much Connor David!

Happy Five Month Birthday Connor!





12 Dinners: Personal Pizzas

2014 April 6
by mrs. ronso

We have been eating lots of pita bread lately and right on the package was a suggestion to make personal pizzas using pita bread instead of regular pizza dough.  So, this might be stretching as a “recipe” but it was a new idea for dinner that we haven’t done before.   Since “cowboy” is our favorite pizza, we gathered up all the ingredients — sauce, sausage, olives, pepperoni, and LOTS of cheese!  In honor of Valentine’s Day (yeah, I know it’s April now — I am a slow blogger) I even cut the pepperoni into little hearts #toocute



It was really fun for Linnea to make her own pizza and they only took a few minutes to cook in the oven.  Verdict:  This dinner is a keeper!  In fact, we have made it a few more times since then.  So far we have only used those same toppings, but it would be super easy to mix it up and use other things.  February’s new dinner was a definite success!


Connor: Four Months Old

2014 March 7
by mrs. ronso


Dear Connor,

We must be in a time warp because I just can’t believe you are already four months old!  They say the days are long but the years (months) are short and boy are they right!  I am usually counting down the minutes until Daddy comes home from work but then before I know it, a whole month has passed and I am writing to you again.

You are a growing boy and did lots of changing this month.  Last week you weighed 15 pounds, 12 ounces at baby group and have been gaining about 6-8 ounces per week.  We have started to pack up the 3 month clothes and pull out the 6 month ones.  Especially in pants — you are one tall boy!  As Daddy likes to say – you have more rolls than a bakery — such a chunk!  Your eyes are still brown and you have a little tuft of hair along the back of your neck.  I think you are starting to teeth because you are SUPER drooly and like to chew on everything.


As always, you had lots of good milestones this month.  Your first trip to the park. Your first Valentine’s day.  Your first time in the high chair.  Tummy time is getting more tolerable.  You survived a trip to Nordstrom with mommy.  Tied for for the most important milestones — you laughed for the first time (It was such a magical sound) — And, you slept through the night!!!  You slept from 11 pm to 6:30 am and it was so nice.  You slept through the night for a whole week before deciding that you were over that and have now reverted back to waking up at 4 am to eat and then go back to sleep again.  It isn’t too bad but we hope you go back to sleeping all the way through again soon.


Breastfeeding is going well and you even consented to take a bottle a few times this month.  It still isn’t your favorite thing but you will do it.  Mommy got a chance to go to the store alone and I even got a haircut.  I love you bunches but sometimes it is nice for us to have a little break from each other.  Baby snuggles are one of life’s greatest joys so I don’t mind that we are basically joined at the hip.  I am guilty of letting you take your nap on me more often than I should because I know soon you’ll be too big and grown up to snuggle with me.  I hope that day is still a long ways off!


I try not to talk about your sister too much in these letters, but she loves you so much and is a big part of you life so I must mention her.  You are starting to show your love for her too.  You smile when you see her and that just makes her day.  She lays down on the floor and shows you toys during tummy time.  She reads you books.  She gives you so many kisses (almost too many!) and tells you that she loves you multiple times today.  I love watching the two of you together and I can’t wait until you start interacting with her more.  She is so proud to be your big sister and always tells people “That is my baby.  His name is Connor.  C-o-n-n-o-r.”


We are all in love you little man and we are so thankful you are part of our life.  Things are certainly busy around here, and Mommy and Daddy are overwhelmed at times, but we both know that our lives are so much better because of  you and your sister.  Thankfully you are an even keeled guy so you are pretty content to go with the flow.  However, you certainly know how to scream when you are hungry!  You are a growing boy and you need your food!

You are right on the cusp of so many exciting developments and I just know the rest of spring and summer are going to be filled with fun.  Thank you for bringing us so much joy!  We love you Con Man!

Happy Four Month Birthday Connor!



Linnea: Four Years Old

2014 March 5
by mrs. ronso

IMG_4408 - Version 2

Dear Linnea,

Happy 4th Birthday my dear!  Technically you have been four for a whole month now but our life is super busy these days so that is just how it goes.  We weren’t even home on your birthday this year but instead celebrated in style with Grandma and Grandpa! Daddy was away at the Flower Show so we called him so he could Skype while we sang Happy Birthday to you.  Thank goodness for technology!

You are such a bright, busy girl and keep us on our toes!  You talk non stop and are always going, going, going.  You like to run, dance, spin, jump, sing, and leap through life.  Thankfully you still take a good nap almost every day and are good about going to bed about 8 pm each night.  You prefer it when Daddy puts you to bed and try to get him to read at least 3 stories every night.  You don’t watch a whole lot of TV (other than non-stop sports!) besides Cat in The Hat, and Peg + Cat on PBS Kids.

Two days a week you go to school and are in the DandyLion class with Teacher Lisa and Teacher Chaska.  Your friends are Silas, Edison, Selena, and Rachel.  You love school and are a bit sad on the days you have to stay home with me and your brother.   School is one of your favorite things and you have learned so much there.  You are very excited to be a “school ager” someday and ride on the school bus.

You know all of your letters by sight and know almost all the sounds.  You can write our names all by yourself without help – Linnea Marie, Ellen, Kyle, Connor — and most other words if we help with the spelling.  I’ve heard you count all the way up to 60 but sometimes you get stuck on the 9’s and forget what comes next.  You can do simple addition (2+3=5) and have an impressive vocabulary for a four year old.   You also say super cute things like “all snugged up” instead of snuggled, “you’re jokin’ me” if you think someone is teasing you, and “hear-d” instead of the past tense heard.  You seem so grown up all the time so I secretly love it when you still have some kid phrases.

At your 4 year check up you weighed 39 pounds and were 3’7″ tall — that is over the 95% for height!  You obviously got your Daddy’s genes!  You have bright blue eyes and a chin length blond bob.  You were a size 5 in clothes and a size 9.5 in shoes.  You LOVE to wear a dress or a skirt everyday and only agree to wear pants on occasion after lots of convincing.  You like to wear jewelry and hair bows for the first five minutes but then almost always discard them.  Pink and purple are your favorite colors and anything with sparkles or a “twirly skirt” is a bonus!

You are sort of a picky eater and it is often hit or miss if you are going to eat something.  But, you are always up for mac and cheese or grilled cheese – two of your favorites.  You also like “cheese hamburgers” and Yum Yum Lick the Plate Chicken and Potatoes.  You will sometimes eat carrots, and reliably eat peas.  Anything dipped in ketchup is usually a winner.  And, just like your mama, you’ve never met a dessert you didn’t like!

Princesses are your current obsession and you make up all sorts of adventures for Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Cinderella and Ariel.  You are getting a little better at playing by yourself and Daddy and I love to overhear your games.  It usually involves a mom and some sisters and they get tucked into bed a lot.   You are really into art and you like coloring, stickers, making your own “books” and water color painting.  You like to sing your way through life and really want to be in a ballet class.  You are also a world class sports fan and can cheer for the Seahawks (Super Bowl Champs!!!) with the best of them.  You are your Daddy’s faithful sports watching companion and have a surprising amount of sports knowledge for your age.  You like to play outside and are getting better at riding your bike each time we go out.

The transition to big sister has mostly been a smooth one — you love your brother ever so much!  But, there have been more tantrums and more stints in the time out chair.  I know that I haven’t been very patient with you these last few month.  I am so very tired and you are so very energetic.  But, I hope I know that I still love you with all my heart, and watching you grow and learn makes my heart full.

I love watching you try new things.  I love being needed to help you dress or  reach something high.  I love to read you books.  I love to laugh with you and to wipe your tears when you are upset.  I love to dance in the living room with you.  I love to snuggle in bed with you.  I love watching you and Daddy watch sports together.  I love to watch you love on your brother.

You are the one who made me a mother and for that I will be ever grateful.  Being your mother is a wonderful thing to be indeed.

We love you very much.  Happy 4th Birthday Linnea!





Connor: Three Months Old

2014 March 5
by mrs. ronso

Agh!! This post has been stuck in draft for the whole month.  #mamafail!  But here it is…


Dear Connor

Happy Three Month Birthday!  Time is just flying by and I can’t believe we are already already a fourth of the way through your first year.  Slow down buddy!

This was a busy and hard month — Daddy was BUSY at work and was gone for about half the time.  Nana and Papa came to visit for a long weekend and then we spent a week or so at Grandma and Grandpa’s house too. Uncle Alex and Caitlin even visited for a few days.  We missed Daddy a lot but tried to Skype frequently so he didn’t miss all of your growing and changing.  At this age I can still take tons of pictures of you without you complaining.


You had several good firsts this month:  Your first nap in your crib.  It was almost an hour — good job buddy!  You also had your first real bath in the laundry room sink.  It was okay until I started washing all the crusties off your head, that part you didn’t like so much.  You had your first visit to the Zoo.  Your favorite football team, the Seattle Seahawks won their very first Super Bowl!  And, earlier this week you slept for SIX straight hours — it was glorious!  What an exciting month!



Growing isn’t a problem for you — you are turning into quite the little chunk!  I bet you are over 14 pounds by now and your 3 month clothes are getting snug.  You are in size two diapers.  You are still mostly bald with a little strip of brown hair by the nape of your neck.  It is a “look” that is for sure.  I think your eyes are going to be brown but somedays they still look like they just might turn blue.  We will have to wait and see.  You are starting to watch things and pay attention to your surroundings.  You *almost* laughed a week or so ago — I called Daddy at work and put him on speakerphone so he could hear it but then you got shy.  So close though, so we are expecting to hear a giggle out of you pretty soon mister!


Breastfeeding is going really well.  You only like to eat on one side at each feeding and usually eat between 7 and 10 minutes per feeding.  You usually “go to bed” sometime between 10:30 and midnight, and most nights we only have to wake up one time to eat and then you go back to sleep until morning.  That is pretty good!  You spit up a lot but I don’t think you have reflux.  Just like your sister, you have an umbilical hernia but it is starting to get better all on it’s own.  (Hopefully no surger for you…)

Your sister is still enamored with you and spends lots of time kissing you and trying to make you smile.  You seem to think she is very interesting although at times she gets sort of close and that scares you a bit.  I can’t wait until you can interact with her a bit more.


You are such a wonderful addition to our family and it already feels like you have just always been here.  You are a bundle of cuteness and for the most part you are super chill and willing to just go with the flow.  It will be nice when we can have a bit more of a routine but I will just let you take the lead.  We will get there soon enough.  I  have noticed that I feel so much more relaxed this time around in terms of parenting a baby so that is good.  I am not as anxious and feel like a good handle on the “baby stuff.”  Managing both of you together is a whole ‘nother story though…. just know that I love you bunches even on the hard days.


You are such a joy to me and I feel so lucky to be your mama.  We love you mister man!

Happy Three Month Birthday Connor!