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Linnea: Four Years Old

2014 March 5
by mrs. ronso

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Dear Linnea,

Happy 4th Birthday my dear!  Technically you have been four for a whole month now but our life is super busy these days so that is just how it goes.  We weren’t even home on your birthday this year but instead celebrated in style with Grandma and Grandpa! Daddy was away at the Flower Show so we called him so he could Skype while we sang Happy Birthday to you.  Thank goodness for technology!

You are such a bright, busy girl and keep us on our toes!  You talk non stop and are always going, going, going.  You like to run, dance, spin, jump, sing, and leap through life.  Thankfully you still take a good nap almost every day and are good about going to bed about 8 pm each night.  You prefer it when Daddy puts you to bed and try to get him to read at least 3 stories every night.  You don’t watch a whole lot of TV (other than non-stop sports!) besides Cat in The Hat, and Peg + Cat on PBS Kids.

Two days a week you go to school and are in the DandyLion class with Teacher Lisa and Teacher Chaska.  Your friends are Silas, Edison, Selena, and Rachel.  You love school and are a bit sad on the days you have to stay home with me and your brother.   School is one of your favorite things and you have learned so much there.  You are very excited to be a “school ager” someday and ride on the school bus.

You know all of your letters by sight and know almost all the sounds.  You can write our names all by yourself without help – Linnea Marie, Ellen, Kyle, Connor — and most other words if we help with the spelling.  I’ve heard you count all the way up to 60 but sometimes you get stuck on the 9’s and forget what comes next.  You can do simple addition (2+3=5) and have an impressive vocabulary for a four year old.   You also say super cute things like “all snugged up” instead of snuggled, “you’re jokin’ me” if you think someone is teasing you, and “hear-d” instead of the past tense heard.  You seem so grown up all the time so I secretly love it when you still have some kid phrases.

At your 4 year check up you weighed 39 pounds and were 3’7″ tall — that is over the 95% for height!  You obviously got your Daddy’s genes!  You have bright blue eyes and a chin length blond bob.  You were a size 5 in clothes and a size 9.5 in shoes.  You LOVE to wear a dress or a skirt everyday and only agree to wear pants on occasion after lots of convincing.  You like to wear jewelry and hair bows for the first five minutes but then almost always discard them.  Pink and purple are your favorite colors and anything with sparkles or a “twirly skirt” is a bonus!

You are sort of a picky eater and it is often hit or miss if you are going to eat something.  But, you are always up for mac and cheese or grilled cheese – two of your favorites.  You also like “cheese hamburgers” and Yum Yum Lick the Plate Chicken and Potatoes.  You will sometimes eat carrots, and reliably eat peas.  Anything dipped in ketchup is usually a winner.  And, just like your mama, you’ve never met a dessert you didn’t like!

Princesses are your current obsession and you make up all sorts of adventures for Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Cinderella and Ariel.  You are getting a little better at playing by yourself and Daddy and I love to overhear your games.  It usually involves a mom and some sisters and they get tucked into bed a lot.   You are really into art and you like coloring, stickers, making your own “books” and water color painting.  You like to sing your way through life and really want to be in a ballet class.  You are also a world class sports fan and can cheer for the Seahawks (Super Bowl Champs!!!) with the best of them.  You are your Daddy’s faithful sports watching companion and have a surprising amount of sports knowledge for your age.  You like to play outside and are getting better at riding your bike each time we go out.

The transition to big sister has mostly been a smooth one — you love your brother ever so much!  But, there have been more tantrums and more stints in the time out chair.  I know that I haven’t been very patient with you these last few month.  I am so very tired and you are so very energetic.  But, I hope I know that I still love you with all my heart, and watching you grow and learn makes my heart full.

I love watching you try new things.  I love being needed to help you dress or  reach something high.  I love to read you books.  I love to laugh with you and to wipe your tears when you are upset.  I love to dance in the living room with you.  I love to snuggle in bed with you.  I love watching you and Daddy watch sports together.  I love to watch you love on your brother.

You are the one who made me a mother and for that I will be ever grateful.  Being your mother is a wonderful thing to be indeed.

We love you very much.  Happy 4th Birthday Linnea!





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