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12 Dinners: Personal Pizzas

2014 April 6
by mrs. ronso

We have been eating lots of pita bread lately and right on the package was a suggestion to make personal pizzas using pita bread instead of regular pizza dough.  So, this might be stretching as a “recipe” but it was a new idea for dinner that we haven’t done before.   Since “cowboy” is our favorite pizza, we gathered up all the ingredients — sauce, sausage, olives, pepperoni, and LOTS of cheese!  In honor of Valentine’s Day (yeah, I know it’s April now — I am a slow blogger) I even cut the pepperoni into little hearts #toocute



It was really fun for Linnea to make her own pizza and they only took a few minutes to cook in the oven.  Verdict:  This dinner is a keeper!  In fact, we have made it a few more times since then.  So far we have only used those same toppings, but it would be super easy to mix it up and use other things.  February’s new dinner was a definite success!


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