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Connor: Seven Months Old

2014 June 7
by mrs. ronso


Dear Connor,

This month was an explosion of big milestones and it was so much fun to watch!  There are still hard days, but you really turned a corner this month with sleep and we are finding our rhythm.  Being your mommy is a privilege and a joy but it is also hard work.

You are officially on the move.  You are a super steady sitter and can hold your balance quite well as you r-e-a-c-h for things.  You are officially on the move and have mastered rolling.  I put you down and when I look back a few minutes later, you are completely off the blanket and headed elsewhere.  You aren’t really in control of *where* you are moving just yet  — and this causes great frustration on your part — but I am sure you will figure that out soon.  We definitely need to start baby-proofing.  You have already decided that your sister’s toys look interesting and often roll in that general direction.  However, crayons, and barbie shoes, and beads — oh my!  We have some work to do to keep you safe little man!


Your newfound ability to move makes you seem more like a little person rather than a baby.  My heart is a little heavy of the thought of my baby growing up so fast, but my mama pride at your new skills more that outshines the bittersweet moments.  You have also started clapping which is just the cutest thing ever.  You can’t clap on command yet, but you do it often and it makes you (and us!) so happy and proud.  You literally light up at the sight of your sister and often whip your head around on that chubby little neck of yours to keep her in your sights.  She loves to play peek-a-boo with you by popping up from behind the couch and it makes you shriek with laughter.  She loves you so much and is enjoying your ability to interact with us more.


You love taking a bath and splash-splash-splash the whole time.  Maybe this means you will be our water baby.  You have just started liking to hold books and will sit fairly still and listen if we read to you.  The things you like the most are your binky, your giraffe toy, and the little people boy and dog.  You can successfully reach for and put your binky back in all by yourself and you don’t seem to care if it goes in upside down or sideways either.  Your sister can always get you to laugh and in general you are a smily, happy boy.  You have started “talking” more and can be quite loud if you want to be.  You like to jump in the jumperoo and usually start jumping if people hold you in a standing position in their laps too.  You also lay on the ground and just wiggle your whole body furiously — it is super cute!  Thankfully you still have some cuddly moments too and you will sometimes nestle your little head into my neck and lie very still as I rub your back.  I love those moments.


This month also meant that you got to start eating real food.  You have been eyeing us at meal times for awhile now so you were quite thrilled when we actually let you eat something!  So far you have tried sweet potatoes, rice cereal, pears, squash, green beans, avocado, a mum-mum, and sweet potatoes/corn.  You pretty much like everything but you definitely made a yuck face at the green beans.  I think you are going to like feeding yourself more than eating purees off a spoon so I think food is going to get a lot better here really soon.  Not that you need it though — you are quite a chunk!  I think you are up to 21 pounds and are wearing 9 and 12 month clothes.  Your chubby little neck never sees the light of day and so you have a little rash that I can’t seem to make go away.  Your eyes are a deep brown and your hair, while still thin, is growing in and looks like it will be a blond/light brown color.  No teeth yet so I still get to enjoy that gummy smile of yours for a little bit longer.  You have had some fussy days though so I am guessing your first tooth will come soon.


Another big milestone this month has been sleep.  You are FINALLY sleeping through the night on a consistent basis and that, my dear is a WONDERFUL thing.  Mommy and Daddy are so much happier when we have had a full night’s sleep.  You still wake up occasionally if your binky is lost in the bed but for the most part you are sleeping through until morning.  “Morning” ranges from 5:30 to 8:00 am.  5:30 is way to0 early, but usually you will eat and then go back to sleep for a bit.  Good boy!  Better sleeping has meant that we are starting to fall into a routine for day time too.  You usually take one good 60 to 90 minute nap during the day and few shorter catnaps after nursing.  You usually nurse about 7 or 8 times per day and then eat a little food at dinnertime.  The evening is still your fussiest time and you get pretty cranky if you aren’t fed and asleep around 9 pm.  During the night you sleep in your crib.  For naps, it is about 1/3 in my arms, 1/3 in your crib, and 1/3 in the bouncy chair with the fan on in the bathroom.  I try hard not to let you sleep on me too much, but I can’t resist those baby snuggles all of the time!

IMG_5844 - Version 2

We took another trip to Spokane this month and you did a great job in the car.  Once again, you were a bright spot during a sad visit as we were all missing your dear Nana Corinne.  We are so glad that she got to meet you in person at Christmas and she was so proud to be a Great Grandma.  It was good to see Nana, Papa, Kevin, Meredith, Boppie, and Nana Gene while we were there.  You also got to start riding in the shopping cart and think it is great fun.  We took family pictures.  We went to the Survivor Finale party at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  We watched sister play soccer – Go Linnea!  You helped me celebrate Mother’s Day and my birthday this month.  Mommy and Daddy even got to go out on a dinner date while you stayed with Grandma and Grandpa!

IMG_5660 - Version 2


I am trying hard to be a good mommy to you, and your sister, and for the most part I think I am doing a good job.  But I know there are times when my patience is short and I get very frustrated and overwhelmed.  I hope you know that in those times, especially in those times, I still love you with my whole heart.  I want the very best for you and pray that you will grow big and strong and smart and kind.  We love you so much Connor and we feel so blessed that you are part of our family.

Happy Seven Month Birthday Connor David!



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