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Connor: Eight Months Old

2014 July 7
by mrs. ronso


Dear Connor,

You are 8 months old today. You are becoming so much more interactive and it is so fun! You are an expert clapper now and are so proud when you clap to yourself.  Your binky is your favorite “thing” and you like to put it in by yourself — you don’t even care which direction!

You are *thisclose* to crawling.  In the mean time, you have devised an army crawl work around that uses your right leg to push you slowly along.  It isn’t fast, or pretty, but you can now get where you want to go.  If I look away for even one minute you have already scooted somewhere else.  Your favorite things to reach for are Mommy’s phone and Grandpa’s watch.  Things are certainly going to be busy when you really start to move!  In addition you are a rolling machine, figured out how to push up to sitting on your own, and even pulled yourself to a standing position in your crib.


You are a big boy.  I think you weigh about 22 pounds and are wearing a combo of 9 and 12 month clothes.  You still have big brown eyes and light brown hair that sticks up all over.  Still no teeth yet — where are they? — but lots of drooling and biting at things.  Oh well, your little gummy smile is just the cutest.  You have the biggest rollie-pollie thighs I ever did see and use your strong legs to stand up as often as we will hold you.  We moved you into a big boy car seat this month because you were already getting too big for your infant one.


Having no teeth means that you are still on a puree and milk diet.  This month you tried sweet potatoes and corn, mixed vegetables, pears and pineapple, peaches, and apples.  You like fruit purees the best but eat the veggies too.  You are still nursing every two or three hours and often closer together in the evening.  You are not a fan of taking a bottle and will only eat an ounce or so.  You also don’t sleep  through the night on the days you have had a bottle so…we are mostly getting it straight from the source these days.  Hopefully we can start working bottles back into the routine soon.  I love you bunches, but sometimes it is nice for us to have a little break from each other.


Thankfully you are still sleeping through the night for the most part.  You like to stay up until 10:30 or 11 but then you at least sleep through until 7:30ish the next morning.  We will work on an earlier bedtime, but at this point we appreciate the consecutive hours of sleep so we will take it!  I can usually get one good nap (90 minutes or more) out of you each day and maybe a few cat naps after eating.  You don’t seem to have a preferred nap time though so each day is a little different.  Just like your sister did, you often take naps in the bathroom with the fan on.  Mommy hops in the shower, turns on the fan and just like that, you are asleep!  Works *almost* every time!  Even though we put you to sleep on your back, you usually flip over to your stomach at some point.  You are also a fan of the “buns in the air” sleeping position.  So cute!


This month you celebrated Father’s Day.  Went to your first Mariner’s game and your first Tacoma Rainier’s game.  We celebrated your (middle) Nameday.  Daddy wouldn’t let me give you a scandinavian name, so we celebrated both of you on the Swedish nameday for “David” which is June 25th.  We spent the weekend at Camano Island for the Fourth of July.  The fireworks didn’t seem to bother you as long as we were inside, but you certainly didn’t want to go to sleep until they were done for the evening.


IMG_6043 - Version 2


Little Missy finished school for the year so we are all together during the week.  You continue to laugh at almost everything she does.  You happily accompany us to swimming lessons, soccer games and where ever else life takes us.  Keeping up with both of you is quite the challenge for me and I have had some hard days this month.  But, by the grace of God — and a little help from our friends at PBS Kids — we make it through the day.  Thank goodness for Daddy!  Exciting for everyone when he comes home from work.


Keep on growing little man!  Each time you learn a new trick I am so proud. Watching you grow makes all of us happy.  We love you so much Connor David!

Happy Eighth Month Birthday Connor!




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