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The one where she checks on her progress

2014 July 13
by mrs. ronso

Now that we are on the downswing of 2014 — time flies when you are having fun? — I wanted to do a progress check on my goals for 2014.  I think I had a good list this year and I have tried hard to keep plugging away.  So here is where I stand:

Goal #1 — Make 12 new recipes.  Status — 4/12.

So far, I have made Cheesy Chicken over Rice, Personal Pizzas, Steamed Clams, and Peanut Butter S’more bars.  Only blogged two of the four but I will try to remember and post when I make new recipes.  So  far, the Steamed Clams when for best dinner, Personal Pizzas for best easy, LM approved dinner, and S’more bars, for simply being delish!  I still find lots of potential recipes during my hours pinteresting.


Goal #2 — Track our spending.  Status — need a new plan.

I started the year using Goodbudget to track our spending.  It is the time-tested “envelope” system except in digital form.  We live for the cash back/travel rewards from our credit cards so a cash tracking system doesn’t work well for us.  Goodbudget works pretty well, but I find that I often get behind in entering purchases and then have to play catch up to reconcile everything at the end of the month.  So, lately this system feels more like I am working for it rather than the other way around.  I am trying to come up with another system, or maybe just different “envelopes.”  For the most part, our expenses are fixed so perhaps just tracking the truly disposable income will be simpler for me.  Not sure where to go from here but will need to work on it since tracking our spending is muy importante these days!

Goal #3 — Get rid of 2,014 things. Status — 24% or 488 items

So, I am a little behind on this one.  But, I am still confident that I can finish  the year without 2,014 of the items that I started with!  I am not even attempting to actually have 2,014 fewer items total — there is stuff coming in — but I am trying hard to limit new things and get rid of 2,104 things I already owned but no longer need/want.  I have been most successful at passing along my maternity wardrobe to other prospective mothers and breaking down the abundance of cardboard boxes that seem to be lurking in all corners of my house.  Sadly, I had to dump my entire stash of frozen breastmilk (long story) and added those 39 bottles of liquid gold to the list to help ease the pain of having it go down the drain.  I still have the entire playroom, garage, and many closets/cupboards to sort through so there are plenty more things in my house that can find a new home!

Goal #4 — Getaway with my husband.  Status — not yet!

Connor’s dislike of the bottle combined with the loss of my entire freezer stash is making this goal very difficult.  I am still hopeful that we can make this happen before the end of the year.  He is sleeping better at night now but still not eating enough other foods to feel comfortable leaving him for extended periods of time.  We did have a successful dinner date at the end of May for my birthday so we at least have a start.  We might have to redefine “getaway” to mean somewhere we can go and come back in a three hour time frame…


Goal #5 — Read a book.  Status — COMPLETE!

I have totally kicked this goal’s butt!  We have started going to the library on a regular basis and I am doing pretty well at trying to read a little bit before bed each night.  I have actually read SIX books so far this year:  Help Thanks Wow by Anne Lamott, Happier at Home by Gretchen Rubin, Dinner, A Love Story by Jenny Rosenstrach, MWF Seeking BFF by Rachel Bertsche, Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter, and Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling.  I am keeping track on and have a long list of books on my “to-read” shelf.  As expected, I  l-o-v-e-d Happier at Home.  I fell in love with Jenny Rosenstrach and can’t believe I waited so long to read her book after my dear friend Christy assured me it was the perfect book for me.  Beautiful Ruins was the first fiction book I have read in awhile and it was so good!  The perfect read for our vacation at the beach.  Looking forward to many more good books this year!

I am pretty happy with my status so far this year.  I am proud of myself for making goals, and sticking with them!  I clearly have some time in the kitchen and in the many messy places of my house ahead of me for the remainder of the year.  Tracking our spending is a work in progress but so far we are about where we thought we would be at this point in my time at home.  Now lets cross our fingers for a cooperative baby so we can sneak in some “grown ups only” time before the end of the year.  Vegas anyone?

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